AM Orthopaedics

AM Orthopaedics

Dr Sami Farah is an Orthopaedic Surgeon. Dr Farah has been running his medical practice AM Orthopaedics in Sydney for more than 10 years. He is an expert in his field with constant contributions to the medical education and development of the field.

AM Orthopaedics had a branding and website built several years previous. The website was holding out, but the company that had built it hadn’t. They had no one to assist with the support of their online profile.

After a couple of years of minimal attention to the website it broke. Sami’s brother, George, manages all his IT. George is highly skilled in IT services and was able to fix the website easily. However website maintenance and administration was not George’s special interest.

This is my introduction to the business. Dr Sami was interested to grow his presence online for his AM Orthopaedics business. He was looking to get more direct enquiries from patients and market to GPs.

What his website needed was a bit of SEO updates. Many websites I see don’t have their SEO configured correctly. What that means is that an audience who is doing a Google search will not find your website. Even if you have the most beautiful design and the best chance at converting visitors if you are page three on Google

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