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Security Firewall

Firewalls are used to secure a computer network. Firewalls are network security systems that prevent unauthorised access to a network. Using firewall software, your website and email traffic will be filtered according to a set of rules to spot and prevent cyberattacks. 




Turbo Boosting

The amount of traffic that flows to and from your website and mail is counted as bandwidth.  The more visitors you have, the greater the bandwidth. Most hosting arrangements will put limits on your bandwidth.  When you reach that bandwidth you get throttled that means your website will respond very slowly.   

When hosted with Net Iconic your website will be hosted with large capacity for throughput, processing, inputs and outputs. On top of this already super service our hosting utilises excellent caching software to reduce page sizes and server hits.  Plus integration with Content Delivery Networks CDN is a breeze. 

FAQ About Net Iconic Hosting

Yes, Net Iconic manages your hosting.  We monitor, backup and secure your website for issues.  Your website software is keep up to date and checked that latest versions work correctly.  If you are experienced issues with your website Net Iconic is your first point of contact.

Net Iconic will secure the best available domain for your business. Your domain name is owned by you.  Generally, the domain is paid for the first two years and then an annual cost after that.  Your domain stays with you until you cancel (don’t renew) or sell.

Net Iconic administers your domain.  If you need a redirect to another page or another domain we will manage that for you.

An SSL certificate (also known as a TLS or SSL/TLS certificate) is a digital document that binds the identity of a website to a cryptographic key pair consisting of a public key and a private key.  This enables traffic between the server and client computer to be encrypted.

SSL certificate is vital for any site that has sensitive information like an online shop.

All websites hosted with Net Iconic will have a SSL certificate.

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