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From an early teen I have enjoyed programming computers.  This is going back when computers where simple devices with line commands.  After school I would go to my friends house to program sequences of event and music in a commodore 64. I love the instant gratification that comes from following a sequence to get a required and predictable result.  

When it comes to enterprise computing, there are more elements in the equation. It’s like sudoku on extra dimensions.  There is unique businesses and people –  structured format and human complexity.  It’s compelling work to find the best result.  What’s important in each process of creating these business systems is capturing the uniqueness and the authenticity.  A fascinating amalgamation of tech and people.  

Basically that qualifies me to work in IT.   A deep interest, tenacity and aptitude. But of course I do have formal qualifications.  I studied at Newcastle University a Bachelor of Information Science majoring in Computer Science and Information Systems.  

When studying at newcastle, in ’93 the Computer Science professors held an essential meeting with students.  It was to introduce us to this meteoric solution for browsing the internet – ‘Netscape Browser’.  As students in the early 90’s we all worked with the Internet in a command line environment with text files to automate and run sequences.  Low level stuff compared to now.  So being introduced to power and potential of a web browser was revolutionary.  If you are thinking ho hum about the revolutionary-ness of the internet browser then really should just call me to worry about it.

While I was completing this first degree I started work as spreadsheet programmer for coal mine ships docks.  Now there’s a lot of money floating around the ocean. Then moved into help desks for military ship builder and then on to a IT Analysts Developer for IT consultancies for 12 years in Newcastle and Sydney.  Long wot!  By then I was an expert in business requirements analysis, workflow systems and 4GL user interface.

After so many years under fluro lights and clacking high heels on lino floors I needed a change.  No wonder I then get bowled over with the idea of tree change.  I was a city girl and only kept little gardens. This adventure needed a bit of training before diving in, so back to study. At TAFE I studied in Farming & Agriculture, it was completely awesome I was totally hooked.

And then, Yep I bought a farm in Valla NSW.  I sang “Moving to the country gonna eat a lot of peaches..” for a long while. However it was a Macadamia farm not peaches, just as yummy though. Everybody, you have to try our local macadamias at Nambucca Macnuts, Nambucca is one of the best growing macadamia regions in THE WORLD. 

In 2011 I took another career tangent and completed a Master of Arts(Writing & Literature) by correspondence from Deakin University.  I was interested in improving my writing, research, communication and entrepreneur skills.  Highly recommend Deakin, their learning delivery systems are awesome, and just a really classy joint.

What I bring with from this study is public relations writing to express a sense, a complexity, an experience – what business and it’s communications need.  This is super important for building an internet site and stake holder engagement. 

My next tangent ~ in 2014 I started breeding Alpacas, I love those fluffies. Did you know that wool is completely fascinating too! I couldn’t get enough of learning about wool and handling fleeces. So I hit the books again at Armidale TAFE  finishing CERTIV and became a Wool Classer in sheep and alpaca.  In this vocational study I really got my hands dirty.

I think everybody should have a week in a shearing shed. It is intense. An Australian shearing team works as a tenacious co-operative.   It’s also olfactory unique, the smell of urine, suint (that together is sheep sweat and lanolin), manure and anticipation in the sheep. The shed is continuous motion of sheep jostling and bleating, the shearing drive engines whirring, top 40 songs blaring, shearers dragging sheep, roustabouts sweep locks, throwing fleeces, from 7:30 to 5:00 in four runs. No slacking.  As a wool roustabout you are picking up wool from all over the sheep, yep you even have to pick up dung sodden locks.  That’s alright compared to the prickles, the end of a day my soft fingers can barely hold a water bottle. 

Are you wondering why I’m talking about all this non website related stuff? Well, I just want to show that I’m not just a nerd who sits at their computer with cold hands and a hot coffee. I have had the opportunity to become immersed in industries and sectors your average tech head doesn’t dwell.

It’s unique, my niche. Small business communications using web technologies. The closer to the land the sector the better.

If you are interested to talk with me further about a digital solution for you then please message me and I can get working.