Sydney Biomedical Accelerator

Sydney Biomedical Accelerator

Sydney Biomedical Accelerator

The Sydney Biomedical Accelerator is a visionary partnership between the University of Sydney, Sydney Local Health District and the NSW Government bringing together clinicians, researchers, academics and industry to solve the most complex health problems of today, tomorrow and the future.

The SBA had made a website in house, but the design was wanting. Considering this is an important project with budgets around $500 million it was worth redoing the site.

The instigation of rebuilding this site did not come out of wanting to put on a better internet face. The rebuild was forced due to the site being hacked. The site was hacked very easily due to weak passwords. It was a horrendous result.

These hackers are so clever that the code was so deep that it was impossible to get out. Lucky it was only a small site so we had to declare it a knock down rebuild. I could not find all the hack, but looking at the bandwidth use of this site it was huge. After rebuilding the site and installing reporting, I could see that this site was serving 35K of porn and who knows what. It had 2M hits in weeks. If only I could replicate that for good.

The site rebuild was a bit of a rush. Also they wanted to get a graphic designer in to build branding. So I just did something quickly from a template, however it came up nicely.

This website was built in my capacity as a web developer for Sydney University.

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