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Macadamia Farm For Sale

Macadamia Farm For Sale

Mick is a good sales closer as well as a tops farmer. He didn’t want to subscribe to a real estate agent to sell his property, he wanted to manage the process himself.

He asked me if I could help with putting it on facebook. Sure of course I can. Facebook would be the perfect social media platform for selling this high quality property.

As you know putting something for sale on Facebook has a great success rate. But that also means plenty of calls for more information. One fella up the road from Mick put a teaser on the local Buy Swap and Sell, which lead to 80 phone calls within 24hrs. You do not want to deal with 79 tyre kickers on the first day.

With a high value property it is a great idea to profile it with a website. The property is personalised and the information about the property can be extensively detailed.

I engaged Sara Frances Photography to get sensation house photos and Adam Dederer with the amazing droning video and photos. Professional photography is really worth it. Photographers take multiple photos and edit them to layer the lighting and focus. They give it that pop.

The best thing about having a website though is being able to capture the Google searches. There are plenty of people who will type “Farm for sale on the beach”. A Facebook ad alone will not get that traffic.


Macadamia Farm For Sale