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A website plays an integral part in all inbound marketing strategies It’s where you send people to find out more information, to ascertain your credibility and to ultimately turn them into customers. It’s where people go to get your contact details, buy your products, find out about your company and become leads.

WordPress is the top content management system (CMS) and website builder on the internet. It’s used by over 32% of all websites which means every third website currently on the internet was built on WordPress. Many of the biggest brands in the world are using WordPress actively for their websites.

WordPress a flexible and customisable website generator and content management system.

Along with the thousands of pre-made themes you can use to help design your site, WordPress also allows you to install plugins.

Plugins are apps you can use with WordPress. They allow you to add new features to your site.

With all this power in an open source platform an experience WordPress builder can create a unique website or web application very quickly and cost effectively.

There are many factors to think about when growing an online presence. An experienced digital marketing professional will have gone through the process many times over. It makes good sense to engage other focused team members to build the complex technologies for you. Allowing you to focus on the core intention of your business.

Three critical factors to determine if you need to hire a professional to do your website.

  1. how critical your website is to your business,
  2. how complex your website needs are, and
  3. how secure your website needs to be.

An experienced website builder will be able to get a final product online quicker than trying to do it yourself. Then think about the opportunity cost – that’s the time you take out of operating your business to do something that is not your business.

To build web applications using a website build is an easy choice. Don’t waste your time trying to figure it all out alone. Ask an expert.

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